Windy 35+ but a couple of long rides mixed in

It was raining all day long but I had been watching the Canadian Marine forecast and it said that the strong SE winds were finally going to flip to SW and then to NW in the evening. About 5pm I looked at the Cherry Point wind report and it showed 31 mph winds and 35 mph gusts. I checked the webcam and sure enough I could see white waves at the point. I grabbed the 10’6″ SUP and rushed down to get some waves before it got too late, but I didn’t need to worry about daylight, I was exhausted after only an hour. Buddy the seal was hanging out with me and as usual he got within 20 feet or so as he’s pretty curious. Really hard to catch waves on a SUP with 35 mph gusts but I managed to snag 4-5 solid rides on the little waves. One wave gave me the extended ride down the shore which I enjoyed but I opted to get out and walk all the way back to the point as paddling against the wind was exhausting.


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