Look ma, no wetsuit! Summer Surfing at it’s best

So no GoPro video or photos of this amazing session but that’s ok because no one needs to see my white buddha belly. Beautiful sunny morning and what do we have, but peelers way way out on the mud flats. Super low tide but as it came back in there was a strong push and it created some 1-2ft waves further out in the bay than I’ve ever surfed. I actually was up towards Point Whitehorn. Then after about an hour the tide came in and my waves went away…but when I looked over to the point at Seaman Spit, I saw more waves! So I paddled over and surfed the point for another hour and half until I finally was just all tired out.

Did I mention that it was around 75 degrees and super sunny? I went out in a t-shirt and boardshorts and shortly after had the shirt tied around my head. The water was so warm that I didn’t mind falling in. Hope I get another summer surf day like this in 2017!

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