After Thanksgiving Waves

The Saturday after Thanksgiving offered up some 1-2 foot waves on an incoming tide at Seaman Spit. Waves were rolling down the point in the state park. Nobody else out, no one in the state park. Only other people out on the water were two guys in a boat shooting shotguns at ducks – just kept hoping they didn’t aim my direction while I was surfing.

Waves were small but had enough shape that you could ride down the curl and quite long rides, probably 50-75 yards down the point. Had one wave where I must have gone 75 yards and was riding parallel to a car going down the state park road – had time to wave to them.

Tide came in and waves finally died out after about 2 hours.

Monday morning waves showed up again after 30 kph NW winds all night – nice 1-2 foot curls but wind was dying early and sunrise was at 7:40am so waves died out by 8:30am. Hoping we’ll see a couple of good NW wind storms this winter – everything has been out of the SE so far.

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